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Outside-in analysis of target company

With our outside-in analysis, you can get insights about the target company and their product before you invest. In our framework we examine different closed and public databases, the website, employee reviews, product tests, public reviews and more. Through different software tests (e.g. SEO criteria) of the product (if publicly available) and other sources, we can already provide deep insights into the target in a first report. The outside-in analysis can optionally be supplemented with an outside-in competitive analysis.

Outside-in analysis of competitors

Through an outside-in analysis of competitors you get a better understanding of the current market opportunities, threats and trends as well as the target’s strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis we look for up to five companies that offer a comparable product. We then focus on the technical differentiators and the unique selling proposition (USP) of the target compared to the competition. Finally, we summarize our results in a report.

Blackbox penetration test

In a blackbox penetration test, we perform a scan to examine SQL injections, the XSS, OWASP Top 10, and 3000 other potential vulnerabilities. After the test is completed, the results are manually evaluated and the target, as well as the investor, receive a SOC 2 compliant report listing and explaining the vulnerabilities found. Together with the target, we help to resolve the found issues.

White-or Graybox penetration test

A white- or graybox audit is performed with the support of the target and source code access. Compared to a black box test, this allows significantly better results to be achieved, but the effort involved is higher. At the end of the audit, we create a detailed report with results and a solution approach. Finally, we check whether the problems have been solved.

Due Diligence

Buy-side Due Diligence

A buy-side Due Diligence involves a thorough investigation of the technical aspects of a company that is for sale. It involves reviewing e.g. technical resources, systems, processes, infrastructure and the team. It is helpful in identifying potential risks, opportunities and vulnerabilities related to the target company's technical environment and in making an informed decision about the purchase. The Due Diligence provides valuable information that helps in evaluating the company, integrating it into existing systems and planning future investments.

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Sell-side Due Diligence / Vendor Due Diligence

In a technical sell-side Due Diligence, a company's technical infrastructure, systems and processes are carefully reviewed before the sale. This provides potential buyers with comprehensive information about the company's technical capabilities. The Due Diligence is helpful in identifying and addressing potential deficiencies or weaknesses early on, building the confidence of potential buyers, and making the sales process more efficient and smoother. It enables the seller to emphasize the value of the technical assets and thus maximize the selling price.

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Flow and Grow

After a Due Diligence, milestones in the investment process are often derived from our recommendations, for example in the form of a 100-day plan. In the "Flow and Grow" module, we re-examine the target during or after the implementation of our recommendations. We provide detailed guidance on how to optimize the development and how the team can achieve the best results within its capabilities. We summarize the results in a short report to the investor.

Infrastructure cost analysis and cloud exit strategy

Especially for companies that use an IaaS provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud for their infrastructure, there are often unnecessarily high costs that can in many cases be significantly reduced by migrating to a different service provider. We investigate possible savings potential, calculate the costs for the changeover and compare the annual cost savings.

Our core expertise

System Architecture

Examining scalable architectures, DevOps, as well as system and database design.

Static Code-Analysis

Code quality, test coverage and analysis of technical debts scalable to millions of lines of code.

Team Performance

Analyze commits to derive statistics and risk of key personnel.

Infrastructure Cost Analysis

Analyze the cost structure of using IaaS providers and develop an exit strategy.

License Verification

Checking licenses of all external dependencies, e.g. to detect copy-left licenses.

Safety & Reliability

Performing penetration testing (black- & white-box), as well as analyzing backup strategies.

Examples for our expertise in special areas

Artificial Intelligence

Machine & deep learning, computer vision, and new developments such as LLMs and ChatGPT.

Low Code & Process automation

Process modeling, automation with low/no code solutions, connection to ERP systems and document management.

Further Areas

Mobile apps, Internet of Things, blockchain, state-of-the-art frameworks/libraries, developer tools, and much more.

FAQ for our services

Can the outside-in analysis be booked as a stand-alone service?

Yes, the outside-in analysis can be carried out as a stand-alone package at the beginning of the investment process to gain initial insights into the target company. After that, the Technical Due Diligence can be performed optionally and on top of it.

Is the competitor analysis always performed together with the outside-in analysis?

The competitive analysis can optionally be combined with the outside-in analysis to get a better understanding of the market situation. However, it can also be performed with the normal Technical Due Diligence, if that is requested.

Can the infrastructure cost analysis and cloud exit strategy be booked outside of a Technical Due Diligence?

Yes, you can book this analysis separately in order to discover potential cost savings with our support. The analysis is free of charge - we only charge a percentage of the savings in the first year after implementation.

The "Flow and Grow" service sounds interesting, is it only available as a package with the Technical Due Diligence?

"Flow and Grow" is something we offer exclusively building on a completed Technical Due Diligence. It is a follow-up to our recommendations, where we support the target company in achieving its goals and provide a report on how progressed the development already is.

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